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Eric Morris - Advisory Board Member

Eric Morris Joins Tech-Driven Delivery Firm Deliver In Person

By Imee Dequito
Wed, 11th Oct 2023

Eric Morris, the former CEO of both the Brand Collective and the PAS Group, has recently been appointed as an advisory board member of Deliver In Person, which provides a tech-enabled, personalised delivery solution for online retailers.

Morris spent almost 20 years with the PAS Group and Brand Collective. He played a pivotal role in establishing The PAS Group under private equity and successfully steered the brand to an ASX listing in 2014. In March 2022, the PAS Group and Brand Collective merged, with Morris taking the helm as CEO of the newly amalgamated entity, which at the time ranked as the third sizeable retail fashion group in Australia.

Having founded Albany Advisory, a consultancy firm aiming to provide strategic direction to help brands grow, Morris expressed his desire to expand his involvement within the retail sector. One such firm benefitting from his rich industry experience is Deliver In Person.

Morris explained his new role, saying, "I've always been closely involved with retail and brands. I've now taken an opportunity to extend my work with organisations, a few of which are slightly outside that sphere. Deliver in Person is one of those companies that, although still connected to retail, is ancillary to what I've always been doing. What's most rewarding in this current role is seeing the value that can be added to these organisations - and their customers - in a relatively short period of time."

Deliver In Person stands apart in the market with its dynamic approach which combines technology, infrastructure, and human interaction throughout each delivery experience. The firm uses algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics for route optimisation and reducing transit time. These systems also provide real-time updates of delivery details to the recipients.

In addition to this, Deliver In Person offers a unique 'Wait and Try' service that enables customers to book in extra time with their delivery driver to try their products while the driver waits. Any items that are not suitable can then be taken back to the retailer by the delivery driver, creating a personalised and customer-centric experience. "We're proud to deliver beyond expectations with greater visibility, flexibility, and a truly memorable last-mile experience," comments the company's Chief Operating Officer, Charmaine Tham.

The company is transforming delivery experiences by merging technology and an emphasis on the customer experience. Its September 2023 benchmarks indicate a success rate of 99.9% for deliveries being completed in full and on time (DIFOT) and a notable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +97.

Morris notes, "The value you demonstrate to customers and the experiences you create for them are what keep them coming back. In the current climate, some companies are focusing on cost-cutting, while others are looking to add value. Those that successfully add value will be the ones retaining customers long-term, and that's quite evident in the delivery services sector."

"Deliver In Person has a unique position in the market as a delivery solution provider with bespoke services. The company blends a tech-enabled infrastructure with a human-centric approach to create remarkably valuable post-purchase experiences," Morris continued, expressing his excitement to provide strategic direction to the firm and contribute to reshaping the delivery services industry.

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