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Our team

Catherine Knowles mugshot photo
Catherine Knowles
Currently working as a freelance writer and content creator, Catherine has a keen interest in all areas of technology and storytelling in our digital age. Having worked with a number of businesses and people across media, education, publishing and communications, Catherine has a definite respect for common sense, great content and turning ideas into reality.
Damian Seeto mugshot photo
Damian Seeto
Gaming Contributor
A freelance writer, Damian has been contributing for Techday since 2009 and is always available whenever a video game needs to be reviewed. Aside from being a big gamer, he is also one of biggest professional wrestling fans. Damian likes Star Wars, comic book movies and Metallica.
Darren Price mugshot photo
Darren Price
Consumer & Gaming Writer - Australia
Darren 'VicBStard' Price has been playing video-games for nearly 40 years and writing about them for the last ten. Darren hates sport, but loves sports video games - which he puts down to a mixture of being annoyingly contrary and extremely lazy. While he is completely tone deaf, he considers Rock Band and Guitar Hero to be his guilty pleasures. A geek from way back, Darren builds his own computers, collects comic books, owns several lightsabers and is a sucker for video-gaming merchandise. Since 2012 he has lived in Sydney where he writes reviews and reports back on the local gaming scene.
Greig Strafford mugshot photo
Greig Strafford
Greig started life as a bobby on the beat in London, yet couldn't keep the anarchist geek locked away, ending with him being incarcerated in a lengthy stint as a technology innovator and implementer for the Police. A lover of shiny things, he can usually be found installing some new piece of tech into his house, car, or brain. Greig loves spreading the word of innovation (and guides of how to break terms and conditions). He's a lover of live music, getting his hands dirty, and fine wine and whiskey.
Imee Dequito mugshot photo
Imee Dequito
A content writer who sees art in everything, Imee has always been passionate about creative writing. For the past few years, she has been working in the field of education, e-commerce and social media. She finds comfort in music and reading novels.
Jacques-Pierre (JP) Dumas mugshot photo
Jacques-Pierre (JP) Dumas
With a background in media, JP is the definition of a tech nerd. After a stint as a journo, he's moved on to marketing but in his spare time, he still loves deep-diving into the best of tech, games, and films. You can chat to JP about anything from the latest console releases to supercomputer teraFLOPs and he'll be sure to have an opinion.
Kaleah Salmon mugshot photo
Kaleah Salmon
Kaleah Salmon will soon join Techday as a Journalist, working on the publisher's 28 tech news sites across Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She was previously a journalist for Ministry of Sport.
Oliver Stewart mugshot photo
Oliver Stewart
Web Developer
Straight from the snow covered mountains, Oliver has relocated to the city and become our web developer. This young man loves technology, often taking the time to repair his own devices and learn what makes them tick. Oliver has a passion for golf and snowsports, you may even find him at your local driving range.
Owen McCarthy mugshot photo
Owen McCarthy
Owen McCarthy has had a long love affair with all things technical since the dawn of the computer age. A child of the 1960’s, he agrees with legendary author, Douglas Adams, that digital watches were a pretty neat idea. By the 1980’s Owen was learning how to code using C and by the turn of the century, he was teaching HTML to enthusiastic youngsters. These days, Owen can be found pestering editors for new technology to review on an annoyingly regular basis. In his spare time, he rides motorcycles of the three-wheeled variety, studies theology, aqua-jogs, and works hard to honour his late wife’s request to live a joy-filled life.
Sean Mitchell mugshot photo
Sean Mitchell
Having started his career at Renaissance. Sean joined Apple in Melbourne for a number of years before working in the media space. This started with Review Publishing and later the tech publisher IDG Communications. In 2006 he was involved in the launch of The Channel magazine. As they say – the rest is history.
Shaira Lou Bernaldez mugshot photo
Shaira Lou Bernaldez
Partners team
Shaira's career success is a testament to her passion for writing and design. Her creative flair and marketing expertise enables her to craft visually appealing and persuasive content that resonates with her audience. When she isn't working her magic, Shaira enjoys relaxing strolls to find fresh inspiration.
Shannon Williams mugshot photo
Shannon Williams
Shannon is a freelance editor and writer. As a professional content creator over the last ten years, Shannon has worked across many industries including tech, business and travel, in a variety of mediums including media, publishing, communications and social media. She has a knack for finding the right voice for her audience and relishes the opportunity to tell stories.
Tom Raynel mugshot photo
Tom Raynel
Managing Editor
With a passion for Politics, Sport & Technology, Tom is always finding something new to invest his time in. Whenever he is not at work, he is diving into the news or watching whatever sport he can. Now living in the city, you can find him trying out new experiences and getting to know his new surroundings.
Tom Richmond mugshot photo
Tom Richmond
Originally from the Isle of Man, Tom has been contributing for Techday for two years. He loves sport, tech and cars. In his spare time, you’ll either find him on the golf course, playing football or test-driving a new car.
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